South Newport Baptist Church

PLACE Ministry

Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry…

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P – Personality Discovery

L – Learning Spiritual Gifts

A – Abilities Awareness

C – Connecting Passion with Ministry

E – Experiences of Life

As we have been discussing in our Sunday Worship and Life Groups, we are implementing the PLACE Assessments to better identify the personal Spiritual gifts we all have within, based on an in-depth analysis of our tendencies and personalities. This system conducts an inventory based on 4 specific personality types, giving us the ability as a community to better assist, serve, lead, and teach others. Most importantly, we believe that by using this software, we will be made better witnesses for Jesus Christ and more useful as members of the Body of Christ. You will discover a way to think about your personality and how it interacts with your Spiritual Gifts, your God-given Abilities, your Passions and your Life Experiences. We will use the information together as a Church body to better equip and empower each other to find our PLACE in ministry.